Ji Yang – Yixing, China

Ji Yang Company was founded over 20 years ago and specializes in Yixing wares and accessories. Jason Chen met the owner, Mr. Xu; over 18 years ago when Ji Yang was still a small company of only 6 employees. Sensing the passion Mr. Xu had for his craft and seeing the quality of his works, Jason and Mr. Xu became great friends and business partners, and grew their businesses together. Ji Yang is now one of the most successful Yixing clay companies in Yixing, China. They have access to authentic Yixing clay reserves and work with some of the most renowned potters in China. Ji Yang has also begun working in fine handmade glass. Ji Yang produces traditional and modern teaware under their own name and produces teaware for many other companies.

Cheng Yi – Dehua, China

Dehua has been a city with a reputation for beautiful and high quality porcelain since the Song dynasty, hundreds of years ago. The Cheng Yi Company is well known for their hand-painted porcelain and their faithful recreations of China’s most celebrated pottery, Ru Yao ware, once used exclusively in the Imperial Court. Jason Chen and Mr. Zheng, the owner and founder of Cheng Yi, became friends about 18 years ago while Jason was searching for someone to produce the Smacha Signature Auto Tea Brewer. Mr. Zheng was only 24 years old at the time, but Jason saw huge potential in his small company, so they began their long partnership. What once was a small family business has grown into a company of over 700 employees that produces treasured teaware throughout China.

Jin Zhu – Dehua, China

Jason met Mr. Wang of the Jin Zhu Company about 16 years ago while searching for more inspiration to help perfect the Smacha Signature Auto Tea Brewer. Mr. Wang’s company is known for its fine hand-painted porcelain wares and has always paid careful attention to detail, quality and organization. Jason valued Mr. Wang’s pursuit of perfection and the quality that he poured into every vase, teapot, bowl, and cup.

Fuguang – Anhui, China

Fuguang Company’s owner Mr. Wu and Jason Chen have worked together as business partners for almost two decades. Fuguang has produced porcelain, clay, steel, glass and plastic wares for the past 30 years and is now company of over 3,000 employees. Fuguang is the largest producer of cups in China, capable of producing as much as 10,000 cups a day. Fuguang produces under their own label, and creates unique wares for many other companies worldwide, including Smacha. Fuguang is known for their progressive and innovative styles and techniques. Mr. Wu is also focused on helping his employees and customers maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle and he makes it a point to use his success to assist students in rural areas in China.

Di Yi Wu – Shanghai, China

A ten-year friend and partner of Jason Chen, Mr. Chen of Di Yi Wu Company has worked with Smacha to make new and innovative products, including the all-glass Smacha Autobrewer and Smacha’s French press. Di Yi Wu’s specialty is glassware, and their hand-made glass vessels and accessories are in high demand in internationally. Jason met Mr. Chen in Shanghai while searching for the highest-quality glass teaware he could find. Upon meeting at a large tea festival, Jason was surprised by Mr. Chen’s sense of humor and passion for quality. Mr. Chen seeks to meet the highest standards for glass exports in China with every piece he creates, so Jason began partnering with him to produce wares for Smacha.

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