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Introducing the newest edition of the patented Smacha Signature Auto Tea Brewer. There are now three, one with the Smacha logo, a new hand-painted (pink and purple flowers) version, and a plain one with no logo. The functionality remains the same. Small changes including embossed artwork, a larger lid, and a dual-purpose infuser holder and pouring pitcher cup as well as a fixed screen have been incorporated.

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The Smacha Auto Tea Brewer, invented by Tea Master Jason Chen and patented in China and the US, is the result of almost two decades of development and refinement. Staying true to traditional Chinese design, the Auto Tea Brewer is made in Dehua, China, a city famous for its quality porcelain manufacturing and innovation for a millennium.

The secret of  The Smacha Signature Auto Tea Brewer is in the way it controls the time it takes for the tea to go from the top brewing-vessel, through the stainless steel mesh filter, into the pitcher below. The brewing time of two and a half minutes is fixed by the size of the hole the brewed tea passes through, so the only variables in making the tea are the temperature of the water, and the amount of the dry leaves.

We provide instructions with suggested quantities of tea as well as water temperatures for every variety and type of tea. It brews tea bags and herbal teas perfectly as well. The Smacha Signature Automatic Tea Brewer is what we use at The Smacha retail store in Bellevue, WA, because it is quick, convenient, and a great way to brew all kinds of tea. Even long time tea lovers, steadfast Yixing teapot and gaiwan aficionados, use the Auto Tea Brewer when time and convenience warrant. Some have said, “their Yixing Teapots are unhappy from lack of use.”

The Smacha Autobrewer is great at home, at work, or as a gift, and the tea it makes does not disappoint. The Smacha Signature Autobrewer embodies our mission of making real tea available to everyone, in an easy, convenient, and delicious way-and in just two and a half minutes.

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Weight 32 oz

Dehua, Fujian Province, China


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    The easy way to brew the perfect cup. Tea Master Chen has created a wonderfully easy to use tea brewer that works for all. I was curious when I first saw this that I one could make a goof proof tea maker, but it is exactly that. It comes with a card/instructions that have the different tea types letting you know what temperature your water needs to be and how much of the tea is needed. Just add and walk away, a few minutes later it’s perfectly brewed. Perfect for those who don’t want to fuss with mess of making tea, or worry about time as you get distracted by something else. It’s easy to use, easy to clean. I have multiple brewing methods and I find this to be my most used brewing vessel. So easy to use (not a single bad cup yet) and perfect size for one (or two). Well made and reasonably priced I find to to be a great gift for any tea lover. Perfect for anyone wanting to start using loose leaf or a simpler no fuss brewing method.

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      Hi Pam, Thanks for your appreciation of our Auto Tea Brewer! Smacha Team

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