Rose White – Tea Sachet


Made using Smacha's “Whole Leaf ” teas

Environmentally friendly, pyramid shape is ideal for tea brewing

Enjoy three of more infusions, great convenience for office, travel, etc.

15 whole leaf tea sachets per box

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Product Description

White Peony is made of hand-picked, down-covered buds with two young leaves attached. A unique slow indoor withering process, taking about 36 hours, ensures the tea has a sweet, Peony aroma. The addition of carefully dried rose flowers adds a distinctive perfume scent to this delicate tea.

Additional Information

Weight 4 oz



20% – 30%


Zhejiang and Shandong, Provinces, China

Other Names


Brewing Directions


A Cup of Hot Tea:
For fullest flavor heat water to 190°F – 200°F
Use one sachet for 8oz to 12 oz, infuse 1-3 minutes

Iced Tea:
2 sachets for 20 oz. – 24 oz., infuse 1-3 minutes
Pour Brewed Tea over Ice

Smacha Automatic Tea Brewer:
1 to 2 sachets, heat water to 190°F – 200°F


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