Jin Xuan, Golden Lily


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Product Description

Golden Lily is a lightly fermented Oolong made from a newer Taiwanese variety (#2027, or just 27 for short), grown and finished Fujian. This oolong is best known for its unique milky, sweet corn taste and long floral finish.

Additional Information




15% – 20%


Fujian, China

Other Names

金萱, Golden Lily, Milk Oolong

Brewing Directions

Directions: Automatic Tea Brewer:
Tea Leaf: 7 grams
Water Temp: 200°F

Glass & Porcelain: (6oz)
Tea Leaf: 7-9 grams
Water Temp: 200°F
Infusion: 30 sec – 1 min

Yixing Teapot: (300ml-350ml)
Tea Leaf: 7-9 grams (cover bottom of pot)
Water Temp: 200°F
Infusion: 30-45 secs
Notes: Pre heat the teapot before placing tea inside.


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