2014 Jing Mai Ancient Tree Raw Pu Erh


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Ancient Tree, also called Gu Shu Pu Erh,  is harvested from 500 years old trees growing on the protected lands of the Jing Mai Mountains. The roots of these ancient trees pull minerals and nutrients from deep in the forest floor producing leaves with very complex flavors. Our Ancient Tree Pu Erh has a subtle sweetness balanced by a soft astringency and has an green olive and orchid-like fragrance and taste.

A “tong” is 7 cakes (Bingcha) of Pu Erh wrapped in bamboo for both shipping and storage efficiency. If you buy a tong (7 cakes) of Smacha Jing Mai Pu Erh, you pay for only 6 cakes, one cake is free. A tong of 200 gm. cakes weighs 1,400 grams and a tong of 357 gm. cakes is 2,499gms when ordering.

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5% initial with on-going, additional bacterial post-fermention.


Jing Mai Mountains, Yunnan Province, China

Other Names

景迈古树生普, Gu Shu Sheng Puer, Ancient Pu Erh, Raw, Green Pu Erh, Sheng Cha


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