Jason Chen

Tea Master Jason Chen started Smacha with the goal of bringing value to people’s lives by adding “Real Tea” to ones lifestyle. Jason cites his father as a major influence in his life. Jason’s father grew up in Hangzhou, China near the famous West Lake. In the summer, his family would take their boat onto the serene waters of West Lake to escape the heat. Slowly sailing under the overhanging trees on the edge of the lake, Jason’s grandmother would prepare the world famous Long Jing Green Tea grown nearby, and as a family they would drink the refreshing tea while admiring the beautiful scenery around them. For Jason, this is a treasured memory.

During the Cultural Revolution, Jason’s family was forced to flee the country, but his father often reminded Jason of those summers on the lake, and implanted this image firmly in his mind, one of tea, and a beautiful, happy life.

This memory sparked the beginnings of Jason’s dream to build a tea business because tea is something that brings happiness to people, something that cultivates beauty and brings people together.

At 27 years of age, Jason was stationed for work on A Li Shan Mountain in Taiwan where he learned essential tea-processing techniques, and methods for judging the qualities of tea. The farmers on A Li Shan became his teachers and didn’t withhold their knowledge from him. They often encouraged him, saying, “The tea business is easy, just be honest. With his welcoming, trusting feeling, Jason strives to pass on his love of tea to tea-lovers around the world.

In 1997, Jason started a wholesale tea business in Seattle, CC Fine Tea, but all the while he continued to learn about all types of tea; black, white, jasmine, Pu Erh, and so on. To have an authentic understanding, Jason traveled to every major area of tea production and learned the processing methods and cultivation techniques for each tea type. He is truly a Tea Master, knowing every step from garden to cup.

Tea Master Chen started Smacha in 2012, in Bellevue, Washington to fill the need for a trusted, worldwide tea company. Smacha’s goal is to be the highest quality, most trusted tea company there is anywhere. And, more than just to sell tea, Smacha’s goal is to teach our customers how to experience tea in all of its beauty. We want to give tea-lovers the perfect experience, and the perfect tea store, so that every one of our customers can one day have their own West Lake “Real Tea” experience and a beautiful, happy life.

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